Introducing Patata Games

Hi everyone! this is Jose and Bea writing our first post and we would like to introducing Patata Games and ourselves.

We are fanatic game players. I (Jose) like rol play games, strategy and Stealth games. On the other hand, Bea is a true fan of POKEMON, casual and puzzle games.

One day we decided to develop games together and we created “Patata Games”. “Patata” means Potato in Spanish, but “why do you call Potato Games to your team?” Its an easy question: “WE LOVE EATING POTATOES” (and who does not?)

Bacon & Cheese fries

Obviously we are from Spain, specifically from Seville (ole!) Have you ever heard about “La feria de Sevilla” (The fair of Seville)?

Feria de Sevilla

or maybe “La semana santa” (Easter week)?

Semana santa de Sevilla

Yes, these are typical things from Seville. We don’t like them too much, but what we do really like is developing and playing games 🙂

See you soon!


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