First Project: Gummy Fat Diet


This project was created with the idea to be similar at “pong”. In fact, the first model we thought was in 8 bits and thinking about something easy and fast.

But things changed when we created Gummy, a blue creature that makes we felt in love with it. Yes, Gummy was blue, our favourite colour, but the idea turned into a pink character with the aim of adding cuteness and making games which we are not used to play.

you don’t usually work in projects you always like.

When we speak about the idea, and thinking about our first project, we didn’t like so much, but then, we thought that it would be the best point, because you don’t usually work in projects you always like. And finally, we started to create Gummy, our first little child.

But you will be wondering… Why would you create something like that? What’s the final point?

Firstly, we have to say: we aren’t looking for money. Jose is working hard to be an independent game producer, so it was a very useful to him lead this project. And Bea needed a first experience in graphic design in videogames and Unity because she wants to work in this industry.

We are a team, so we always help each other while we worked in this project. We spoke lots of ideas we would like to see in Gummy and finally, after 3 months working and studying, Gummy was created in weekends and free time (because we work in other jobs at the same time).

Kepa, a friend, helped us with the sounds. He created original sounds for Gummy, and we saw that the project was better when we got the sounds into the game.

It was a very long process with lot of things to learn and lot of hours sacrificed, but we got it. We are very proud of it and we hope you enjoy with Gummy.

We would be so grateful if you download the game and leave us a comment.

Link to Gummy Fat Diet

See you soon!


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